You are not any lesser for the words, thoughts, or actions of others. you are a glorious engine of life and stardust. it is not your fault to forget this. it is easy to. but you are such an amazing being.

Cisgender, Pansexual, White, Male.
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okay since yall seem to be incapable of identifying fake sj posts here’s a handy guide:

  1. go to the source of the post
  2. check the tags
  3. if it’s tagged with two thousand variations of “otherkin” and “headspace” and “sj” then it is 100% fake no exceptions and if you reblog it unironically you are a bad person
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The story behind this cutie patootie photo: 

 I was super nervous to meet Merida at Walt Disney World a few months ago, She gave me a super big hug and signed my autograph book and my hair was super curly so she asked me how I got it like that and I explained have cool hair where I can just twist it and it stays and that they are called banana curls (By my grandma) and said something like “I tell ya whot, It takes forever for me to get my hair in order” and I had picked out a sticker from my Merida sticker collection to give to her at the park, and I gave it to her and told her “I brought you something!” She was super happy, “-I was thinking since you probably don’t see your parents a whole lot since they are in Dunbroch and you are here at Disney world. I thought you might like a photo of you and them.” and this photo is of her showing it off to the photographers aid (The one that makes sure you get your magic band) and when she turned it around (Second photo) she saw there was Angus (She was in the middle of saying “And look Angus and I are on the back shooting arrows!” when the photo was taken) and she skipped over to me and was just so nice and gave me the bestest and super tight hug and told me she whispered  “I’ll make sure angus and I can see it everyday” (Paraphrase, it was super close to that) and placed it on the hay bale and told me she would get it for when she went arching, and she posed for a photo and gave me another hug and told me how brave I am (It was kind of super obvious I was nervous) and I will forever love Merida because of this wonderful person. 

Thanks to faantasmic for making a post that made me think to post this. 

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